Tamworth Street Motors

Tamworth Street Motors is our service centre. It was the origin of Benz Bavarian actually….

It is still a Fully Approved and Bosch Stamp approved service centre, being able to service and MOT any car on the road. From luxury cars to super cars to everyday commuter cars.

Tamworth Street Motors is based in Duffield, Derby. Has been open for over 28 years now and has many satisfied customers who regularly return.

Tamworth Street Motors is not only a self established service centre for cars, but it also is the host for all of Benz Bavarians service and MOT work. We have to be able to trust in our highly qualified technicians ability to pull off flawless work on our cars because of the cost, uniqueness of them. Many clients have weird requests to enhance their cars, from changing suspension or fitting new exhausts that have to be bespoke fit to the car. All of this is capable at Tamworth Street Motors, due to our team of mechanics being of top caliber and quality.

For any information about Tamworth Street Motors please call –  01332 843756


Benz Bavarian – 01332 840 272



Bentley Continental GT Conversion

So, here is a few before and after pics of used Bentley we had in….

Then we ‘Titanised’ it

Before                                                                    After

Benz Bavarian Bentley before TITAN           TITAN betley after white Benz Bavarian

P1080986           P1050058

P1080980           P1070885

P1080979          P1070894Benzbavarian.com


01332 840 272


Benz Bavarian is proud to announce the release of the TITAN Range Rover Sport.

Following the huge success of the TITAN Bentley.

The TITAN Range Rover is an aggressive cosmetic on a luxury sports car, much like the Bentley. Our colour schemes always come off and display the true raw look of the car.

For Now, we will just let the pictures do the talking…

P1100393P1100485 P1100464P1100472




01332 840272

…A Community Focused Company

Throughout our 28 years in business, Benz Bavarian has always been working hard to help the local community. We have excellent ties with fantastic people in the local schools and worthy causes/charities.

Our main goal with our outreach into the community is to be seen as a friendly company with heart where it matters. Whether its sponsoring a sportsman to purchase better equipment to further his progress, or to help a charity raise awareness of what they are doing.

mercedes sl55 charitymercedes sl55 inside

Just last year Benz Bavarian has teamed up with ‘The Rotary Club’ of Belper and Duffield to raffle off one of our cars! The car is a Mercedes CL 55 AMG, once worth a massive £109’000. Tickets for this raffle are available to be purchased directly from us on – 01332 840 272 – and all the money raised will be going towards eradicating Polio and also towards a chills hospice in Skegness that is dear to ‘Rotary Club’.

We will no doubt in the future be working closely with other charities to benefit the community….And maybe even see a TITAN being raffled off !!

Let us know your thoughts !



01332 840 272


Benz Bavarian – Prestige – 4×4 – Sports – Luxury Cars

Benz Bavarian in the past few years has been specializing in Prestige, 4×4, sports and luxury motor vehicles. Our stock has vastly changed and with an increasing number of clients we cater to the majority of peoples needs. Although we do specialize in prestige, 4×4, sports and luxury cars; we take in a variety of vehicles on part exchange. In the past we have had in fantastic first time buyers cars on the lower end of the cash scale for new drivers who are looking for a reliable and safe car to get them started.

spyker c8 spyder benz bavarian

Our current stock includes a Lamborghini Huracan and Spyker C8 Spyder however, both highly valuable and rare super cars. For the few who can afford these vehicles we provide a great service/exceptional finance rates. With our onsite finance manager, we can find the best rates and make you a happy buyer!


Our average car sits somewhere between £20k and £30k. We stock very high class, top end prestige vehicles. Such as the Mercedes AMG, an autobiography Range Rover and M-sport BMW. Highly sought after vehicles can often be a pain to find considering one component breaking on you can cost thousands. Our service centre is equipped to fix and install ANY part on ANY vehicle, offering up to 50% off main dealer prices. So why would you ever go to a main dealer outside of warranty?




What We Do…And How We Do

Benz Bavarian is a 28 year old company that is based in Duffield, UK.

We have been trading, bespoking and up-keeping cars throughout our lifespan. Starting off on a much smaller scale than we are currently on. Benz Bavarian was chosen as a name because we used to solely trade in BMW and Mercedes Benz. Making the name relevant to our trade.

For the past 10 years we have branched out into the market of all brands of cars, and have featured vastly from first time buyers to an Apollo Gumpert! Which any Petrol-head will know about.

Our business is people. Looking after our clients every need and cater to their passion for their car, whatever it may be. Our ability to not only supply vehicles but also to source them keeps us in good standings with many clients. People wanting very little hassle finding their perfect cars can spend many hours on various websites, drudging through car after car that has little faults or doesn’t quite meet the clients standards. This is where we excel! We have our own body shop and can restore cars to brand new condition and make your wish come true of having that dream car!

Benz Bavarian Showroom

Benz Bavarian Showroom




Project TITAN Awakening!

The Awakening

Project TITAN is no ordinary car design….


Bespoking cars is a common routine at Benz Bavarian. Having time dedicated to one project though is very tough.

The TITAN is a relentless piece of engineering that keeps on giving. An upheaval of the Bentley Continental GT C body was the prime area that we targeted for the first TITAN.

The Bentleys luxurious and comfortable classic design has always been an area in which people find at the top end of the spectrum for a car. Using the Bentley ‘Aura’ we went to work on designing a ferocious and aggressive conversion.

The TITAN is exactly that, it has the same luxurious feel to drive, with an unmatched parallel exterior.

P1100630 P1100640

To find out more ->  Benz Bavarian